Tuckahoe needs better fiscal management

Our Republican opponents, one of whom has served as a Village Board member since 2015, recently praised the current Board’s “great fiscal management” on their Facebook page.

Here’s the truth…

It took nearly 2 years of scrutinizing and oversight from the NYS Comptroller’s office for Moody’s Investor’s Service to upgrade the village’s credit rating from “A3” to “A2.” This current “A2” rating is only halfway up the Moody’s 10-step rating scale. Tuckahoe needs to climb 5 MORE STEPS to achieve Eastchester or Bronxville’s “Aaa” rating.


Meanwhile, our village debt has skyrocketed to nearly $6M!

Tuckahoe has the highest property taxes around

Tuckahoe’s cost per $1,000 assessed value is $540, whereas Bronxville is $310, Scarsdale is $441 and Eastchester is $350.

Since 2011, our property taxes per assessed value have gone up 20%.  Bronxville has gone up 8% and Eastchester 9%. Even with the higher taxes, the Tuckahoe Mayor and trustees have failed to hold the line on taxation compared to our neighboring towns.

Tax Rebates for Developers

Over the past three years, The Village Board has given out $1.26M in tax rebates, mainly to developers and institutions. To put that number in perspective, Eastchester, which has 3 times the population of Tuckahoe, has only given out $587,000 in rebates.

In 2015, Tuckahoe’s tax rebates amounted to over $800,000, given to mainly to developer and to an institution. What did the village board do? They disguised it by putting it on our village credit card and issuing a $1.2 Million bond.

Trustee Leo never objected to any of this, and Mr. Lang has signed on in support of the current Board’s failed economic policies.

We Can Do Better

Omayra Andino currently manages a $15M budget and 380 employees. Sarah, a small business owner herself, understands the economic issues facing our village. We need to eliminate wasteful spending, promote our small businesses and generate additional revenue through sales tax. This can lessen the tax levy increases on property owners and lower our reliance on unpredictable “fines and fees.”

And above all else, we need honesty, transparency and accountability when it comes to our village’s budget process.