Our Platform

Accountable. Accessible. Engaged


We believe local government should listen to and work with the residents of the village. Rather than disregard the hard work and passionate voices of our citizens, we will strive to represent our many diverse perspectives by involving all community members in the decision-making process.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • The current Village Board gave out tax rebates to big developers while our village debt has skyrocketed to $6 million.
  • We need responsible budgeting to eliminate wasteful spending.
  • We will promote our small businesses and generate more revenue through sales tax. This can lessen the tax levy on property owners and lower reliance on random and unpredictable “fines and fees.”  (Read more…)

Sensible Development

  • The current Village Board encourages rubber-stamped development projects with limited public input, ignoring important questions about real impacts on our villagers.
  • We will develop a strategic plan that considers the needs of our entire community.
  • We will not give developers with outside agendas unlimited influence on projects that destroy the character of our village and put our community’s health and safety at risk.

Community Involvement

  • Rather than push out predetermined decisions with minimal dialogue, we will reach out and engage the community through informal meetings, social media and email, and creating liaisons to schools, civic organizations, business associations, and houses of worship.
  • Our communication will not be a “one-way street,” but rather an ongoing, meaningful exchange of opinions and ideas.
  • As residents, you will be brought into the process from the beginning, not as an afterthought.

21st Century Technology

  • The current village website is outdated, making it hard to find even the most basic information about our village.
  • We will assist our dedicated village employees to work more efficiently, and provide our residents easier access to information.
  • We will revitalize our community outreach, utilizing, emails, social media, regular newsletters, and text alerts for important updates.